Milwaukee Road Passenger Trains: Volume Four


John F. Strauss, Jr.

144 pages

This Volume Four completes the presentation of Milwaukee Road?s passenger train service that has also been presented in Four Ways West Publication?s MILWAUKEE ROAD PASSENGER TRAINS: Volumes One, Two, and Three. It covers passenger train service operated between Chicago and Upper Michigan via Milwaukee and Green Bay. It also covers passenger train service between Chicago and Rapid City via Madison and Sioux Falls and between Chicago and St. Paul-Minneapolis via Madison and Austin, Minnesota. This Volume Four?s Epilogue includes several consists and photographs thereof that were assigned to Milwaukee Road?s Chicago-Milwaukee-Twin Cities ?Speedliners?. Photographs of some of Milwaukee Road?s lightweight mail, express, and passenger cars appear in this Volume?s Appendix. The Index includes page locations of photographs of Milwaukee Road?s heavyweight and lightweight passenger cars appearing throughout the four volumes.