Chicago & North Western Peninsula Division: Volume Two – This Title is Out of Print


By James E. Lewnard

160 pages

With the assistance of several well-known railroad photographers, the second volume of the Chicago & North Western Peninsula Division book focuses on the operation of ore trains, time freights, way freights, and switch runs in northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan. Included is a special chapter covering the operation of North Western?s passenger trains, including the Peninsula 400, the Shoreland/Valley 400, and the Iron & Copper Country Express. Using photographs, maps and charts, the author reviews the working relationship between the railroads and the iron mines in the Marquette and Menominee Iron Ranges, including an explanation of the Milwaukee Road/North Western pooling agreement. The final chapter examines locomotive assignments from 1940 through the sale of the North Western to the Union Pacific. The twin champion diesels of the Peninsula Division, the Fairbanks-Morse H-16-66 and the ALCo C-628, receive special attention. Over 200 black and white and color photographs complement the text.